How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Extraction Cost?

There are many factors that influence the cost of valparaiso wisdom tooth extraction. The most common need for wisdom tooth extraction is a fully bony impaction, which averages about $550, but if there are complications, this cost can increase. In some cases, the wisdom teeth have erupted, meaning that they have already begun to break through the gums. These wisdom teeth can be extracted most inexpensively, at an average cost of about $300 per tooth. If your wisdom teeth are impacted but are only under soft tissue, cost is about $350 per tooth. In cases where the teeth have begun to break through the bone but have not done so completely, the cost is about $450 per tooth. These prices can range, depending on your location and the dental professional you choose, and the procedure may be partly or fully covered by dental insurance. In addition to extraction, patients may also need a dental exam, an x-ray, a special kind of CT scan, and some form of anesthesia, which will increase the overall cost of the procedure.

While the average cost for removing an erupted wisdom tooth is $300, the procedure shouldn’t cost more than $700 per tooth. Because the tooth has already broken through the gums, it is relatively easy for the dentist to access and extract the tooth. When removing an erupted wisdom tooth, a minimal amount of anesthetic can be used and the extraction only takes about 20 minutes, both of which help keep cost down. Dentists are often equipped to effectively remove an erupted wisdom tooth; if your wisdom teeth are impacted, either partly or fully, it is likely that an oral surgeon will need to perform the procedure, which will increase the cost of the procedure. If the tooth is impacted only under soft tissue, your dental surgeon will make a small incision in the gum tissue in order to remove the tooth. The surgeon will then stitch the incision with dissolvable stitches after the tooth is extracted. The average cost for this type of extraction is only slightly higher than the procedure for an erupted wisdom tooth, averaging about $350 nationwide. If the tooth is partly impacted in bone, the surgeon has to make an incision in the gum and a small incision in the bone that is protecting the tooth. This will require more anesthesia, which is commonly paid for in 15-minute increments, as the oral surgeon may need to rock the tooth back and forth in order to remove it, or cut the tooth into smaller pieces. While you may feel some pressure during this procedure, it is uncommon to feel pain. Partially bony extractions average about $450 across the US, though this price varies depending on the intensity or duration of the procedure. A tooth that is fully impacted can cost about $550 to remove. In these cases, the tooth is stuck under the gums and in the jaw, requiring the oral surgeon to make an incision in the gums and bone and also often to cut the tooth in order to remove it. Because of the extensive nature of this surgery, patients often elect to be sedated for a fully bony impacted wisdom tooth extraction, while they may choose local anesthesia for the other, less complex procedures. If your dentist determines that any other procedures, like a CT scan or x-rays, are necessary, these will add to the cost of the extraction, so be sure to clarify all this information with your oral surgeon before the procedure is completed.

If wisdom tooth extraction is determined to be medically necessary, insurance may pay for as much as 80% of the total cost. Remember to check with your dental insurance provider to learn about any annual maximum coverage for which you are eligible, as wisdom tooth extraction, depending on its complexity, may meet or exceed your annual maximum coverage amount. This may mean that you’ll need to space out your wisdom tooth extraction over more than one year, depending on your insurance maximums, the complexity of your extraction, and the number of teeth you need removed. A dental discount plan may be a good option for you if you have more than one tooth that needs to be extracted. These plans may be used with insurance, or independently, and there are no yearly limits. You may also want to shop around, as extraction prices are largely determined by location. If you live near a dental school, you may want to research the costs of wisdom tooth extraction at the dental school. Dental students will perform your extraction, but the procedure will be overseen by a licensed dental professional and is safe. You may also want to talk to your dentist about removing several teeth at the same time, which can save on anesthesia, the cost of the initial examination and x-rays, and time. Additionally, depending on the complexity of your procedure, you may want to consider choosing a local anesthetic instead of sedation, which can significantly increase the cost of the procedure.

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