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Why Replacing a Tooth Is Important

One should not ignore a missing tooth or severely damaged tooth. Attractive, natural-looking teeth help us look and feel our best. If you are missing a tooth the consequences are significant both functionally psychologically and cosmetically. When you lose a single tooth you may become self-conscious when smiling or when interacting with others socially, have difficulties in chewing and enjoying your favorite foods, and have difficulties with speech. Attractive and natural looking teeth make us look and feel our best. The loss of a single tooth can cause jaw bone deterioration, tilting of teeth, damage to jaw joints, soreness in jaw muscles, gum disease and an unstable bite. Michael Drone Dentistry & Prosthodontics have several specialized dental solutions to replace a missing tooth or replace a severely damaged tooth.

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Dr. Drone is a native of Wheatfield, IN and has been practicing dentistry since 2003 and opened his private practice in Valparaiso, IN in 2007. Dr. Drone earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Indiana University School of Dentistry and earned his advanced specialty degrees in Prosthodontics and Maxillofacial Prosthodontics from Indiana University School of Dentistry and Medicine.

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Options for Replacing a Missing Tooth/or Teeth

The most common dental solutions for replacing a single missing tooth are a dental implant, a dental bridge and a removable partial denture.

Dental Implants

Many patients choose to replace their missing tooth with a dental implant. This option provides the most natural looking tooth replacement along with it being among the sturdiest option. The dental implant is firmly anchored into your jaw bone and is well-tolerated by our bodies. The normal healing period for the implant to fuse or attach to the jawbone varies between 2-6 months depending on the quality and quantity of bone. A dental implant is the most secure foundation in all of the tooth replacement options. Restoring your missing tooth with a dental implant does not require modifying the adjacent teeth like it does when restoring the missing tooth with a dental bridge. A ceramic crown or gold crown is securely attached on top of the custom abutment to create the look of a natural tooth. Dental implants help improve the quality of lives for millions of people and allow you to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge literally "bridges the gap" left by a missing tooth. A bridge most commonly consists of one to three artificial teeth secured in place by dental crowns on adjacent teeth with dental cement. It is a non-removable or “fixed” dental restoration. Replacing your missing tooth with a dental bridge requires modifications to the adjacent teeth and is a quicker procedure than having an implant. The procedure for a bridge usually requires two appointments and is completed within 2-3 weeks. A bridge is an excellent restoration to replace a missing tooth when an individual is not a candidate for a dental implant or interested in a fixed dental restoration.


Removable Partial Denture

This missing tooth replacement option can be removed and reinserted by the patient. The main difference between a dental bridge and a removable partial denture is the partial denture is neither permanent nor secured onto your natural teeth. A traditional removable partial denture is a combination of plastic denture teeth, plastic colored gum tissue, and metal and is held into place by metal wire clips. Newly designed denture teeth are made of durable resin, and the teeth are very esthetic. Some of your natural teeth may need to be modified or have dental crowns for the removable partial denture to function effectively. Partial dentures are more commonly an option for multiple missing teeth and are a comparable cosmetic dental option to dental implants and dental bridges.



Candidates For Single Tooth Replacement

If you are missing a single tooth and would like to prevent jaw bone deterioration or an unstable bite and enhance your smile then a dental implant, a removable partial denture or dental bridge may be an option for your oral health. It is important to choose a highly qualified dentist with whom you feel comfortable for you dental care. Dr. Drone is a prosthodontist with extensive knowledge and training in implants, esthetics, and reconstructive dentistry. Dr. Drone has been involved in designing dental solutions for individuals replacing one single tooth or multiple missing teeth with dental implants, dental bridges and removable partial dentures. Michael Drone Dentistry is also a recognized specialty office for providing people with a procedure known as TeethXpress or “Same-Day-Teeth.”

Dr. Drone has the experience of someone you can trust to take excellent care of you and your oral health. During a consultation with Dr. Drone you can learn more about what dental treatment options that can serve your unique dental needs. We invite you to schedule a consultation appointment at Michael Drone Dentistry & Prosthodontics today.

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Professional Involvement

We work with a dedicated team of professionals to make sure that your experience is the absolute best it can be. From our friendly front office staff, the assistants who work closely with Dr. Drone, our hygiene staff that helps our patients walk away with beautifully clean teeth and easy-to-understand dental knowledge, to the other specialists we are honored to work with; our knowledgeable dental staff will care for you every step of the way.

Exemplary Patient Outcomes

We understand the importance of having a healthy, comfortable bite. We are able to provide each patient with excellent quality restorative dental solutions. An in-office consultation will allow us to diagnose and determine how your unique needs can best be met through our restorative dental options.

Our office is conveniently located in Valparaiso, IN. Many of our patients are from the surrounding Northwest Indiana areas: Valparaiso, Chesterton, Portage, Hobart, Merrillville, Schererville, Kouts, Highland, Munster, La Porte, Michigan City, South Bend, and Crown Point. Patients also travel from Chicago, Ohio and Southwest Michigan.