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Wanting whiter teeth is a common complaint among patients. If you want whiter teeth, the first advice you should seek out is that of your Dentist and hygienist. They know your health history and your teeth and will be able to recommend a whitening product if you are a good candidate. Not everyone can use over the counter whitening kits, for example, Tetracycline teeth are not easily whitened so before you spend money on products that won’t work for you, so be sure to consult your Dentist first.

Dulling With Age

Over the years, our teeth take a lot of abuse and have a lot of staining food and drinks wash over them, causing our teeth to become dull and yellowed. This includes your daily coffee and that glass of red wine and berries and tomato sauce. Good oral hygiene will certainly help keep your smile bright and healthy. Using oral care products that contain peroxide or baking soda will remove plaque and lift surface stains. Medications and tobacco use can further stain the deeper layers of your teeth.

Our teeth also just simply darken with age. The underlying dentin is darker than enamel and as we age, the enamel thins and the dentin can begin to show through.

Whitening Options

Your dentist will help you determine which of the many teeth whitening valparaiso indiana options will work for you and give you the best result. Your dentist may offer in office whitening which can be a great choice to jumpstart your whiter smile. In office whitening takes about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the procedure and the level of whitening you wish to achieve.

They may also have at home kits for purchase, which will involve plastic trays and whitening gel. Over the counter whitening kits are also available and very effective. They may also contain trays and gel or may be in the form of plastic strips that you apply to your teeth. Carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient in whitening gels that whiten your teeth. They are typically in a concentration range of 10% to 22% in professional products, over the counter products contain 6% to 14%. If you are wanting to get you teeth only a couple of shades, over the counter products should work perfectly for you!

With any whitening product, you may experience some sensitivity or “zingers” for a few hours after. Your hygienist can recommend tips on reducing sensitivity.

After Whitening

To keep your teeth bright for as long as possible, use whitening toothpastes to remove daily stains and maintain a good oral hygiene routine. If you ever feel that you would like to whiten again, consult your dentist to make sure that is the best option.

Whitening kits are a very cost effective way to brighten your smile! It is important to consult your dentist before choosing a whitening kit over the counter or otherwise.

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