Dental Implants vs Dental Bridge

If you are missing a tooth as a result of decay or from a traumatic event, you have many options to restore your smile to its full potential. Two of the most popular choices are dental bridges in valparaiso in and dental implants. But which one is the best choice for you? While the benefits of the dental implant tend to be more attractive over all, but it may not be a good option for your particular case.

Practical Reasons for Both

30 years ago, a bridge was the only option for people looking to replace missing teeth and it affects the surrounding teeth.  The dentist needs to prepare the surrounding teeth for crowns by reshaping them which results in damaging the irreplaceable enamel.  Dental implants allow the dentist to focus on the single tooth replacement without having to affect surrounding teeth.  The single tooth implant results in a stronger and more resilient replacement tooth.  A dental bridge may still be the best option for you if the teeth surrounding your missing tooth already have fillings or will need crowns to prevent tooth loss in the future.  If you have been living without the tooth for a long period, a dental implant may not be a successful procedure. After time, the gum and bone recede without a tooth to keep it in place and will not be there to hold the implant securely in place.  In this instance, a dental bridge would be ideal to cover the gap and keep the replacement tooth in place.  It is important to talk to the dentist, or more than one dentist, when you are reviewing your options for tooth replacement.

Changes in Your Oral Care Routine

When you take care of your mouth at home, a dental implant will allow you to care for your replacement teeth more like your natural teeth.  You will be able to floss and brush the implant just like natural surrounding teeth.  A dental bridge will need extra care and even some new techniques for flossing to navigate around the permanently fixed crowns.  Either way, both will help keep your mouth healthy and will stay securely with twice daily brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups.


Dental implants are typically longer lasting and sturdier than bridges; implants are even durable enough to last a life time.  With titanium securing the implant to your jawbone, the strength of the metal mimics a natural tooth root.  The material even keeps decay and disease at bay.  On the other hand, dental bridges tend to last at least 10 years if they are properly care for at home. And because the bridge relies on a natural tooth, the bridge is more susceptible to decay and disease compared to titanium.


The location of the missing tooth will factor how pleasing the result is.  The dentist may have photos or examples of previous work to help guide you.  Again, when and how the tooth loss happened will affect the ability of your replacement tooth to look most like a natural tooth.  Often, most people prefer the look of the implant to the bridge, but an experienced, talented dentist and dental lab can make all the difference.

Dental Bridge vs. Implant Cost

At first, a dental bridge will cost less than a dental implant, but over a lifetime, a dental implant only needs to be completed once.  A dental bridge may need to be replaced every ten years or so.  Be sure to talk to your insurance provider and the office staff about coverage and payment options.

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