How Much Does a Dental Bridge Cost?

Are you one of the many Americans missing one or more teeth? Beyond being self-conscious about the gap in your smile, there are some serious health issues can arise over time.  The opening where a tooth used to be can cause the rest of the teeth to shift, increased risk of additional tooth decay, increased of risk of periodontal disease, a change in your bite, temporomandibular joint disorder, or even speech impediments.  Talk to the dentist about your missing tooth and the options to replace it before you suffer from more serious complications.

Once you and the dentist have determined that a valparaiso dental bridge is best treatment plan for your tooth replacement, the next step is to talk to your dentist about what the procedure includes and how long it will take from start to finish.  And, inevitably, you will need to talk about what the dental bridge is going to cost, but this is not as easy of an answer as what a gallon of gasoline costs.  It is more like pricing out a new couch- type of material, how much space are you trying to cover, how long should it last, and how much experience yours requires to properly construct.  While dental bridges are a bit more complicated than couches, the right one will fit perfectly and you will be so happy with your investment for years to come.

More specifically, the dentist will be able to give an idea of the cost for your dental bridge based on:

  • The experience level of the dentist
  • The artistic techniques used to create your bridge
  • The geographic location of the dentist’s office
  • The material used to create the bridge
  • The necessary preparation of the teeth on either side of the bridge
  • Additional procedures for surrounding teeth, like root canals or fillings
  • Your dental insurance coverage

Depending on which tooth needs to be replaced and your dental health, you and your dentist will determine which type of bridge is best for you- a conventional fixed, cantilever or resin-bonded.  Conventional fixed and cantilever bridges not only replace the missing tooth, but in order for them to be placed in your mouth, the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth will need to be reshaped and covered with crowns.  Resin-bonded bridges do not require the same level of preparation of the teeth on either side, easily replace missing front teeth, and are best used in places of your mouth where the gums and surrounding teeth are healthy and free of dental fillings.

After all these factors are taken into consideration, your new dental bridge could cost between $700 to $1,500 per tooth.  The number of teeth is not just the number of teeth your bridge is replacing, but the number of teeth involved in the bridge.  While this may be a large cost upfront, your new bridge can last many years with proper at home care and regular in office cleanings.  Also, by addressing your missing tooth now, you are avoiding additional medical and dental bills that would result from the common problems of missing teeth.  Be sure to take some time to talk to your insurance company to find out their coverage and the office staff to determine payment options.

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