Emergency Tooth Extractions

Accidents happen and sometimes these accidents can turn into dental emergencies. An infected tooth, an accidental injury, or a tooth abscess are all possible conditions that may lead to an emergency valparaiso tooth extraction. Regardless of why you made need an emergency tooth removal, it is important to be prepared and informed if you find yourself in this situation. In most cases, having a tooth removed will be your dentists last resort and they may try several other treatment options to prevent the loss and removal of your tooth.

Emergency Dental Services

The most important thing you can do is to be familiar with an emergency dental service provider. Next time you go to your dentist you should ask them if they provide emergency services and if not, who they would recommend. If you have had a recent oral emergency, don’t panic, there are options available to you. First, you can try calling your regular dentist’s office and see if they provide emergency services or a contact for emergency services. Your dental office may be able to assess your symptoms over the phone and provide you advice on what your next steps should be. If it is after normal business hours and you have a tooth that has been damaged in an accident or if you are experiencing pain that unbearable, after hours emergency care may be necessary.

Emergency Problems

Impacted wisdom teeth. One issue that may lead to an emergency tooth extraction is the removal of impacted wisdom teeth. If wisdom teeth do not break the gumline and are impacted they may eventually cause severe pain or lead to a fluid-filled cyst. Impacted wisdom teeth that are causing severe pain or are the cause of a cyst should be removed immediately with an emergency tooth extraction.

Infected teeth. Tooth decay that is left untreated can eventually lead to the center or pulp of the tooth becoming infected. An infected tooth can be very painful and sometimes result in the development of a pus-filled pocket. An infected tooth left untreated can be very dangerous and may result in a dangerous whole-body infection.

Oral accident. If an accident has resulted in an injury to a tooth it may not necessarily need to be fixed with an emergency dental procedure. In many cases, a broken tooth can be easily fixed with an artificial crown or cosmetic bonding. When a crack extends below the gum line it may not be possible to save the tooth and emergency tooth extraction may be necessary.

Emergency Extraction Procedure

If you do need to have an emergency tooth extraction you should feel comfort in knowing extraction is a fairly common procedure. In general, the tooth extraction procedure can be performed quickly with minimal pain. The procedure will be performed with an oral numbing agent and you will likely be provided pain control medication for the few days to follow. After the emergency extraction procedure is performed your surgeon will provide instructions to help manage the swelling, pain, and how to keep the treated area clean to ensure a quick recovery. After your recovery, you should schedule a follow-up appointment with your dentist to discuss possible tooth replacement options.

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