Non Surgical Vs Surgical Facelift

Nonsurgical Facelift Vs. Surgical Facelift
If you are considering having a facelift performed, there are several different treatment options available, which fall into one of two categories: nonsurgical and surgical.

A surgical facelift provides longer lasting results, whereas a nonsurgical facelift will require ongoing maintenance. Surgical facelifts are often performed for individuals who have more significant sagging, loos of volume, and wrinkling. Nonsurgical facelifts are a good option for individuals who want to try the new look first or simply need a tune up. Nonsurgical facelift treatment such as injectable filler and BOTOX add fulness and lift and are often used on people who want to postpone a surgical facelift.

There are several different areas of the face that can be corrected with a facelift procedure. In most cases, the mid face area is the first to be corrected, although a brow lift, which corrects frown lines and wrinkles is also very common and is often performed along with a mid face lift. Neck lifts are performed if the correction needed in the neck will not occur simply by lifting the midface area. Finally, eyelid surgery can be performed for patients with hooded eyelids or bags under the eyes either independently or along with a facelift.

Although there are many benefits associated with surgical facelifts, there are important benefits to nonsurgical facelifts that are also important to consider.
* Safe: Although there is still some risk involved, a nonsurgical facelift does not require general anesthesia and is far less invasive than a surgical facelift. Though unlikely, having a surgical facelift does involve the risk of facial paralysis, scarring, infection, and even permanent disfigurement.
* No downtime: The recovery process following a nonsurgical face lift is much faster and requires fewer aftercare instructions, with patients typically experiencing bruising, redness, or minor swelling at the worst. Some procedures can even be completed in 15-30 minutes, after which you can return to your normal activities.
* Affordable: Surgical facelifts are significantly more expensive than nonsurgical facelifts and include additional costs beyond the procedure itself, such as anesthesia, medications, and usage of a hospital.
* Natural looking result: Unlike traditional surgical facelifts, which can result in a somewhat unnatural appearance, a nonsurgical facelift is much subtler, and can adjust facial contours or fill in wrinkles and deep lines without risking disfigurement. Because you are not under sedation while the procedure is occurring, you also have the opportunity to weigh in on final results.
Which One is Right for Me?
Every patient will have slightly different needs, but in general, most patients in their thirties and early forties can achieve their desired corrections with a nonsurgical facelift. Patients who are in their mid to late forties or older are more likely to require a facelift that is customized to their unique needs and may require surgical intervention. The best way to determine which treatment option is best suited for you is to schedule an appointment for a consultation. To schedule your appointment for a facelift consultation, call 219.462.2564 or stop by our office at 809 Wall St. B, Valparaiso, IN.