INMODE EVOKE Non Invasive Non Surgical Face and Chin Lift

INMODE EVOKE Noninvasive/Nonsurgical facelift and chin lift
Patients who are dissatisfied with the cosmetic appearance of their face have several cosmetic treatment options available, which can broadly be categorized into two categories: surgical and nonsurgical. While both treatment options can provide tremendous results, nonsurgical facelift and chin lift procedures have become an increasingly popular option for patients who would like to restore their youthful appearance but want to avoid having an invasive procedure performed.

Unlike surgical facelifts or chin lifts, which require incisions, the use of anesthesia, and overnight hospitalization, a nonsurgical facelift or chin lift refreshes and rejuvenates your appearance using a combination of nonsurgical and minimally invasive procedures that will provide you with amazing results while minimizing post-operative downtime and discomfort.

Patients who are looking for a nonsurgical approach for facial remodeling may be excellent candidates for Evoke, a hands-free non-invasive facial remodeling platform that is designed to address patient facial remodeling needs, and is specifically designed to use bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy to remodel dermis, jawline, chin, jowls, and cheeks to improve your appearance.
What is Involved in the Procedure and is it Safe?
Facial remodeling is an increasingly popular procedure that restores an individual’s youthful appearance without the need for surgical intervention, which in turn eliminates the need for anesthesia and the downtime necessary for recovery following surgical cosmetic procedures. As of 2017, there were nearly sixteen million minimally invasive procedures performed in the United States alone!

A nonsurgical facelift and chin lift can be an effective approach for improving aesthetic issues, however, unlike a surgical facelift or chin lift, which can last for many years, a nonsurgical facelift and chin lift has to be maintained on a regular basis to maintain results. Oftentimes people will have nonsurgical facelifts and chin lifts as a way to hold off on scheduling the surgical procedure as long as possible. For others, the nonsurgical approach provides them with the results they are looking for and allows them to avoid undergoing elective surgery.

If you have opted for noninvasive, nonsurgical intervention, the Evoke treatment process is completely painless. While treatment is occurring, the only thing you may notice is mild warmth and some redness that may develop, but this will subside after a few hours. While the treatment is occurring, you are welcome to watch TV, read a book, talk, surf the internet, or even sleep. Once treatment is complete, you can immediately return to your normal activities because there is no downtime or recovery period.

In addition to being an effective noninvasive nonsurgical treatment option, Evoke is completely safe and includes the following safety features:
* There is a Patient Call Button that can be pressed to ensure that you can contact your physician any time you need
* Once the optimal temperature is reached, there are built-in audible indicators that will sound to provide treatment progress feedback
* Your physician can monitor the thermal effect at any point using the treatment screen
* Color-blind RF technology allows for safe and effective application for all types of skin
Technological Qualities and Benefits of Evoke
Along with providing patients with fast results, there are several technological aspects and treatment benefits of Evoke that make it an especially effective tool, including the following:
* Delivers volumetric and uniform heating to the skin and subdermal layer
* Hands free design
* User-programmable temperature on/off control
* Temperature monitoring
* Programmable technology to help maximize clinician and physician time
* Allows for a range of customizable treatments
* Safe and effective on all skin types
* Results in facial characteristics that are more defined
* Patients are free to watch TV, talk, read a book, or surf the internet while the treatment is occurring
* Non-invasive
* No anesthesia
* No surgical scars
* No downtime
* Maximizes patient results by creating a youthful appearance
Benefits of Noninvasive Nonsurgical Facelift and Chin Lift
Although there are many benefits associated with surgical facelifts and chin lifts, there are important benefits to nonsurgical facelifts and chin lifts that are also important to consider.
* Safe: Although there is still some risk involved, a nonsurgical facelift and chin lift does not require general anesthesia and is far less invasive than a surgical procedure. Though unlikely, having a surgical facelift or chin lift does involve the risk of facial paralysis, scarring, infection, and even permanent disfigurement.
* No downtime: The recovery process following a nonsurgical procedure is much faster and requires fewer aftercare instructions, with patients typically experiencing bruising, redness, or minor swelling at the worst. Some procedures can even be completed in 15-30 minutes, after which you can return to your normal activities.
* Affordable: Surgical facelifts or chin lifts are significantly more expensive than nonsurgical facelift and chin lifts and include additional costs beyond the procedure itself, such as anesthesia, medications, and usage of a hospital.
* Natural looking result: Unlike traditional surgical facelifts and chin lifts, which can result in a somewhat unnatural appearance, a nonsurgical facelift and chin lift is much subtler, and can adjust facial contours or fill in wrinkles and deep lines without risking disfigurement. Because you are not under sedation while the procedure is occurring, you also have the opportunity to weigh in on final results.
Am I a Good Candidate for Evoke?
Every patient will have slightly different needs, but in general, most patients in their thirties and early forties can achieve their desired corrections with a nonsurgical face or chin lift. Patients who are in their mid to late forties or older are more likely to require a facelift or chin lift that is customized to their unique needs and may require surgical intervention.

The best way to determine whether Evoke is a good treatment option for you is to schedule an appointment for a consultation. To learn more about Evoke and/or schedule an appointment for a non-invasive/nonsurgical face or chin lift, contact our office at 219.462.2564 or stop by our office which is located at 809 Wall St. B, Valparaiso, IN.

We look forward to hearing from you and are committed to providing you with exceptional customized care to provide you with the results you desire!