How Long Do Implant Retained Dentures Last?

Implant Retained Dentures

For people who have had to switch to dentures, the common complaints include trouble eating, trouble talking, gagging, losing self confidence and overall discomfort. Dentists can change all of these people’s outlook with the placement of just a few implants. People call these clip on dentures even though the dentures are secured to the implants through abutments. The problems from traditional dentures are eliminated and people who switch to implant supported dentures claim it’s the difference between night and day.

It is important to talk to the dentist about their experience both with dental implants and with dentures. In order to have great fitting and looking dentures, the dentist will have to fit your mouth perfectly with your replacement teeth. They should have the right size, shape, color, and fit to provide you with the most natural looking results.

When it comes to choosing your meals, you can eat most foods with implant retained dentures, unlike traditional dentures. Dentists will recommend that you use your back teeth to do most of your chewing to ensure your dentures last as long as possible. The dentures may move slightly while you are chewing, but not the way that they shift with traditional dentures.

How long will treatment take from start to finish?

Depending on the number of implants and the health of your jaw bones, your healing time will be about four months for the lower jaw and seven months for the upper jaw. While your implants are fusing with the bone, the dentist may be able to offer you a temporary solution until your mouth is ready for the permanent implant retained dentures.

How long will the implant-retained dentures last?

If you take care to follow the dentist’s suggestions for at home care for your mouth and dentures as well as maintain regular dental appointments, the dental implants have been shown to last 15 – 20 years on average. Dental implants can fail so it is important to follow after care instructions for your implant surgery. In comparison, traditional dentures last about seven years before they require adjustments or replacing. At that point the dentures will show wear and stains as well.

Are there any on-going costs?

It is recommended to continue to see the dentist twice a year for examinations and cleaning. The dentist can confirm that the implants are clean, free from disease and are staying in place successfully. The denture grips the abutment on the implant with a small nylon ring which do need to be replaced after one to two years. The nylon rings ensure a tight fit so some people prefer to change them every four months.

Can I use my existing denture?

Possibly. If your current dentures are in good condition then the dentist can consider using them. Typically, the dentist surgically places the implants and then makes the dentures to fit the implants. To do it in reverse order, the dentures may not work as well or fit as well so it is not a recommended method.

How Much Do Implant Retained Dentures Cost?