Will an Emergency Dentist Extract a Tooth?

Though not a common occurrence, needing a tooth extracted immediately is possible. A few instances which may require an dental emergency valparaiso indiana extraction include:

  • A developing infection: If you suspect you or a loved one may have a tooth infection, it is important to get to the dentist as soon as possible. The dentist will evaluate the tooth and surrounding area and take an x-ray. An infection will not resolve itself so to avoid further discomfort, the infection must be treated by a professional. If the tooth get too badly infected, extraction of the infected tooth could be the best treatment option.
  • An accident occurs: A patient who is involved in an accident would likely need emergency dental care. Car accidents and falls can damage not only your face, but your teeth. Composite bonding, a crown or veneer may be able to restore the damaged tooth.
    If none of these options are the appropriate choice, the tooth may need to be extracted.
  • Extensive decay: Decay in a tooth can spread to other teeth. If the decay is not removed and the tooth restored, it will only get worse. The pulp of the tooth is at risk of developing an infection which would cause you to need root canal therapy. If the decay and damage are too much, an extraction could be necessary.
  • Overcrowding: This one applies in particular to the wisdom teeth. Our teeth are meant to be in alignment, straight up and down. If they are overcrowded, our bite become misaligned and can cause even more trouble in the jaw. Removing one or more teeth allows the remaining teeth the space they need to provide the form and function they were meant for!

In the event of an extraction for any reason, antibiotics and possibly pain medications will be prescribed. An extracted tooth can be replaced after the extraction site has healed. Your dentist can speak with you about your restoration options. Implants, bridges and partials are all beautiful choices that can restore your smile!

Extractions and Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease can cause deterioration in the gums and jaw bone leading to loose teeth. If this occurs, an infected loose tooth can be extracted. This can actually help the healing and restoration of the mouth and prevent the infection from spreading to other healthy teeth.

Extractions and Impacted Teeth

An impacted tooth simply means that the tooth has not erupted through the gum. This is common with wisdom teeth as they often to not have the space they need to push through. When this happens, the wisdom teeth can push on the adjacent molars and cause discomfort. Extracting impacted teeth keeps any abscess or infection from spreading to other healthy teeth, ultimately ensuring the health of the entire mouth.

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