Do Non Surgical Face lifts Work?

Do Nonsurgical Facelifts Work?
A nonsurgical facelift can be an effective approach for improving aesthetic issues, however, unlike a surgical face lift, which can last up to ten years, a nonsurgical face lift has to be maintained on a regular basis to maintain results. Oftentimes people will have nonsurgical face lifts as a way to hold off on scheduling the surgical procedure as long as possible. For others, the nonsurgical face lift provides them with the results they are looking for and allows them to avoid undergoing elective surgery.

There are several different areas of the face that can be corrected with a nonsurgical facelift procedure. In most cases, the mid face area is the first to be corrected, although a brow lift, which corrects frown lines and wrinkles is also very common and is often performed along with a mid face lift. Neck lifts are performed if the correction needed in the neck will not occur simply by lifting the midface area. Finally, eyelid surgery can be performed for patients with hooded eyelids or bags under the eyes either independently or along with a facelift.

Surgical facelifts are performed my making an incision along the outside of an individual’s face in order to reposition or sculp the muscles, tissue, and fat in your face in order to reverse signs of aging. While this may be an ideal solution for some individuals, others may prefer and benefit from a nonsurgical facelift, which also reverses signs of aging but is minimally invasive.

Examples of nonsurgical facelift procedures include:
* Dermal fillers
* Injections (Botox or Dysport)
* Chemical peel
* Microdermabrasion
* Laser skin resurfacing

If you are debating between both options, it is important to be aware of what nonsurgical facelifts can do, and what nonsurgical facelifts cannot do. If you are looking to have any of the following done, a nonsurgical facelift may be an appropriate option:
* Lift and tighten the skin on your chin, eyebrows and neck
* Plump up your lips
* Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, scars, irregular skin pigmentation, freckles, acne, acnes scars and more
* Smooth crow’s feet and frown lines

While a nonsurgical facelift is a good solution for addressing these areas, it is not effective in reducing or eliminating significant signs of aging, including the following:
* Sagging skin
* Jowls
* Deep lines or creases around your mouth, nose, and eyes
Are There Risks Involved?
While there are less risks involved in nonsurgical facelifts compared to surgical facelifts, it is important to be aware that there are still some risks involved. For example, Botox injections may cause temporary facial drooping, nausea, headaches, and bruising. Following a laser skin resurfacing treatment, there is a small risk of scarring, swelling, acne flare, and bacterial infection. Before scheduling this or any other procedure, it is important to have a candid conversation with your clinician so that you have a clear understanding of what risks are involved, the severity of those risks, and if there is anything you can do to avoid or reduce your likelihood of experiencing these complications. It is also important that you discuss what kind of outcomes you can reasonably expect from a nonsurgical facelift.