How Much Do Dentures Cost?

Dentures in valparaiso in are often a less costly treatment than many other prosthetic restorations you may be considering. There are options available for patients missing a significant number of teeth or missing just a few in one area of the mouth. Your dentist can review the options with you to determine the best plan of action for you individually.

How do I know if I need dentures?

Dentures work to replace missing teeth and to help restore your smile not only for aesthetic reasons, but for functionality as well. It is not healthy to allow spaces left by missing teeth to remain because our teeth will shift into those open spots and cause trouble in other areas of the mouth. This shifting can quickly lead to compromised gum health and can even cause loss of jaw bone structure. Most dentures are removable with the exception of implant supported dentures which are screwed in and can only be removed by your dentist.

What are temporary partial dentures?

A temporary denture can be placed immediately after extractions are done and can actually help the sites heal. They can be worn for a few months at which point your dentist will have you come back into the office to be fit for your permanent denture. It is normal for your temporary to become loose as your tissue heals and the swelling subsides. If it becomes too loose, your dentist can adjust the fit to make sure it remains snug and keeps out food particles. After you are healed, you can receive your permanent partial denture.

How much do temporary dentures cost?

Temporaries will cost extra but can aid the healing process and keep the area protected and clean. Some dentists have in house financing options to lessen the immediate burden on your pocketbook. Every case is different and the actual cost will also depend on how many teeth are being replaced. While this may sound like you are just shelling out more money, you will be comfortable being in public as you will not be without teeth and it will help you become familiar with your new prosthesis!

What is the procedure for permanent dentures?

The permanent denture will take place of the temporary if you had one. Once you are completely healed from extractions, your permanent denture will be your new smile and function just as your natural teeth did before. The process does involve a few steps but you will be healing and hopefully wearing a temporary while your permanent denture is being fabricated.

  • Impressions are taken and models are poured up and sent to the dental lab that will make your denture. The impressions ensure a proper shape and fit.
  • The final denture is fabricated using acrylic tinted to match your gums and porcelain to create natural looking teeth which are also colored to match your remaining teeth if you are receiving a partial.
  • Delivery of your beautiful new denture may take a couple of visits as you live with your denture and find where adjustments need to be made. Your dentist will be able to make these tweaks in the office.

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