How Often Should I Go to The dentist?

Just as treating headaches is less about making the headache pain lessen and treating the root cause of the pain is the way that medicine has progressed, dentistry has moved away from just pulling rotting teeth repairing cavities and even preventing cavities. Dentistry as a more of preventative practice rather than reactionary is still in its first 50 years, and the twice yearly cleaning and exam is the first of the recommendations in that time. Every six months is a good general rule of thumb for most people, but this general recommendation can change depending on your age, overall health and condition of your mouth.

Most people use the general setting on their mobile phones until they get to know them better and use them more frequently. The general “setting” for going to the dentist in valpo for a cleaning and exam is every six months, but as you and your dentist recognize your teeth tendencies and your overall health patterns, you may find yourself visiting the dentist for one extra cleaning every year to avoid making an appointment for a root canal or cavity causing tooth pain. Some people who are an lower risk for cavities and have a strong, established history of good overall oral health can talk to the dentist about reducing visits to once a year.

Even if you are brushing your teeth and flossing twice a day, you still should see your dentist every six months. Bacteria in your mouth can get caught below the gum line and cause white blood cells to swarm to the area to eradicate the invader. The increased white blood cells cause inflammation in the gum and lead to the first stage of gum disease or gingivitis. You may not notice these changes but your routine visit to the dentist will catch the gum disease while it is treatable and manageable. Once gum disease progresses, tooth loss or even bone loss are some of the inevitable treatment courses.

People who practice good home dental care may have other health issues which could cause their teeth and mouth to be at risk. Most of these people fall into these higher risk categories:

  • Tobacco users
  • Women who are pregnant
  • Diabetics
  • People with compromised or taxed immune systems
  • People who have gum disease and need to continue treatment
  • People who have found they are prone to cavities and plaque build up

As you age, your dental needs and care will most likely change as your overall medical needs change. Adults will seek treatment for joint pain more frequently than teenagers and adults dental treatments will be different from teenagers. Young adults will address their wisdom teeth and older adults will tooth repair or replacement. Pregnant women need to see their physician more frequently to address their bodies’ changes and needs and those do not stop at the neck; their teeth may lose calcium or their gums may be more easily infected.

Ultimately, as you and your dentist address your routine dental care, you can discuss the best treatment plan and schedule for your mouth and your future mouth.

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