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Oral care starts at home with brushing and flossing twice a day, but it is not complete without visits to your dentist valparaiso indiana every six months for cleaning and examination. It is easy to let the six months turn into a year or more if your mouth is healthy, but what happens when you wake up with tooth pain or have an accident and chip your tooth? Do you have a dentist who has your dental and medical history to call and make an appointment? It is always best to plan ahead and have a dentist who you use for your regular visits so you have one for emergencies. If you have moved or changed dental insurance companies or coverage, it is time to establish yourself as a patient with a new dentist.

So you will start the search for a dentist. You will talk to friends to see who they go to, but that may give a list of dentist who are not taking new patients. You will open your laptop and type “dentists near me” in the search engine and see what pops up. You will go through reviews from different websites to see which dentists’ offices rate more highly than others. You have a list as long as your arm to review and there is no guarantee of quality of care you will receive. Usually your dental insurance provider can offer you a list of local dentists via a telephone call or a quick search on their web site. This technique will help you get closer to a quality dentist who is covered under your insurance company. Your list of potential dentists is long, but we are getting you closer to who will be in charge of your oral care.

The next step is to prioritize you and your family’s dental needs. Maybe you have young children who need preventative sealants or you need to address any previous repairs; these are reasons to choose dentists with pediatric backgrounds or with cosmetic focuses to their practices. From here, you can start calling the dentists’ offices and asking questions. Ask about your family’s immediate needs, how easy it is to book an appointment for an emergency, how quickly can you book an appointment for your regular visit, or what type of insurance companies does the office usually work with. When you are finished talking to the office staff, take note how you feel. Was the staff helpful and friendly? Do you feel like the dentist will be able to meet your needs?

Your list should be narrowed down to the top two or three choices and from here you can make an appointment. Take your time to note how you feel from the moment you walk into the office to your experience in the dental chair to the exam itself to when you leave the office. Was that the right fit for you? If not, keep trying new dentists until you find the one that meets your dental needs, offers you the type of environment that allows you to feel cared for, and a relationship that you feel confident referring other friends or family to make appointments.

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