What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants have recently become a popular solution to replace missing or lost teeth. Not sure exactly what a dental implants in valparaiso in is or what is involved in getting one? Here is some information to help you get a better understanding of dental implants and help you decide if an implant is a good option for you.

Purpose of a dental implant

A dental implant is designed to act as a permanent replacement for a missing tooth. The implant has two structural parts:

1) a metal post that is inserted in your jawbone
2) an artificial tooth, called a crown, that sits on top of the metal post

Why is a dental implant a great option?

There are many options for replacing a missing tooth. The different alternatives range in cost and convenience. It is important when considering your options that you are aware that dental implants may cost more and require outpatient surgery. The reason why dental implants have become popular is that the implant is permanently secured in your mouth, where as some of the other alternatives, including dentures or a dental bridge, are not. These alternative options, even when they are secured, may become loose over time with eating and talking. A loose dental bridge can cause pain, soreness, and wear down your adjacent teeth. Additionally, to secure a dental bridge or dentures your dentist may want to do work to reshape your nearby teeth. If you choose a dental implant procedure, no additional work is necessary to any other teeth. One of the most important features of a dental implant is the process of securely placing the implant in the jawbone. After a few weeks of healing, the jawbone heals around the implant, and it is permanently secured in place just like a natural tooth. This permanent stability gives dental implants an advantage over alternatives.

Deciding on the best option for you

Does a dental implant sound like it may be right for you? Before scheduling a consultation with your dentist for a dental implant there is some extra info you may want to consider:

  • Your overall health and your oral health matters. Before your dentist will consider a dental implant procedure, they will want to confirm that your gums and jawbone are healthy enough for surgery. Because the implant is secured into your jawbone, it is important that you bone is in good enough health to support the implant.
  • Dental implants are an investment. You should have a discussion with your dentist about the estimated costs of a dental implant. The costs vary depending on several factors, including your dentist’s experience and their typical implant procedure equipment. In general, implants are more expensive than some of the tooth replacement alternatives, however the dental implant will likely last longer than these alternatives. The implant should be considered a permanent solution, whereas the alternative choices are often temporary, only providing a solution for a few years.
  • Dental insurance coverage. Some insurance companies do not cover the full cost of implants and consider them to be an elective procedure. You should look into your dental insurance policy and see what exactly may be covered for you when it comes to tooth replacement options.
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