Holistic Dentistry

What is holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is also known as biological dentistry and it is the meeting of a person’s bodily, mental and oral health. The dentist valparaiso indiana reviews the whole patient and uses some more natural practices in combination of traditional practices to prevent, diagnose and treat oral health complications.

Holistic dentists formed their first association as Holistic Dental Association in 1978 to better treat patients as a not just a mouth but a whole body. When traditional dentistry started filling cavities with metal amalgams, one of the major components of the metal amalgam is mercury. While most people are aware that heavy metals are dangerous to our overall health, many do not know just how much mercury is
used in fillings. Looking beyond the mouth, larger quantities of mercury have detrimental effects on the body and brain function. Looking beyond just the individual body, large quantities of mercury in our environment are detrimental for our food supply growing and living in the environment. The bigger picture of your one filling creates a bigger picture of effects beyond your tooth, your mouth, your body, and your community.

Holistic dentists in valparaiso also see root canals and traditional means of cleaning the gums and below the gum line are easy ways to introduce bacteria into the blood stream. For people who are immune compromised like pregnant women or the elderly, bacteria in the blood stream can lead to serious health complications. Holistic dentists use more natural antibiotic mediums to make sure that you are still receiving important gum cleaning as a part of your dental treatment.

Holistic dentists treat the body as a whole and the mouth can be a serious resource of information about what’s going on your body. Signs of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, HIV and stroke are all noticeable in the mouth and your holistic dentist can be sure to help you address these potential issues before they become serious problems. You may find you are functioning more effectively when you treat your mouth as a part of your body and an intricate part of the whole you.

What are the differences between traditional dentistry and holistic dentistry?

Traditional dentistry uses fluoride treatments to help strengthen teeth and encourages fluoride toothpastes. For some holistic dentists, the serious proof that fluoride prevents tooth decay does not exist and increased fluoride can lead to cancer as well as degenerative bone disease like osteoarthritis.

Holistic dentists will review your complete medical health and may help you with stopping tobacco use, moderating alcohol use or starting a better nutrition program to help your diabetes. Holistic dentists’ care does not stop at the mouth, but helps you become a stronger, healthier you overall.

Traditional dentists and holistic dentists will both perform fillings to treat cavities, but holistic dentists will not use the metal amalgams with mercury, but more likely a composite resin material. Traditional dentists also use this filling material for many reasons including its ability to match the original tooth color.

Traditional and holistic dentists both use x-rays to get a complete picture of your mouth, but holistic dentists will be more likely to use digital x-rays over traditional x-rays due to their decreased radiation exposure.

At the end of the day, all dentists are here to help you be as healthy as possible starting in your mouth.

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