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Ways to Remove Denture Odors

Posted on 5/27/2017 by Dr. Michael Drone
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Everyone worries about having bad breath, whether you have dentures or not. That's why we chew gum, eat mints, brush after every meal and gargle with mouthwash. For the most part that helps, but if you have dentures, it may not be sufficient.

Bad breath, or halitosis, is caused by bacteria that lives naturally in your mouth. This bacteria reside in the soft tissues, particularly your gums and tongue. This is the same bacteria that resides on your teeth and it produces the compound that results in bad breath. The objective, then, is to remove the bacteria. If you wear dentures you have to take a different approach than those who don't.

What Should Denture-Wearers Do to Stop Bad Breath?

The obvious answer is to keep your dentures clean. You already brush them but brushing isn't always sufficient. Though your dentures look like they are solid, they are actually porous and these areas are excellent hiding places for bacteria.

Your toothbrush can't get into these spaces and the bacteria thrives. But not to worry, there are tried and true methods to keep your teeth clean and your breath smelling fresh.

The space between your dentures and your gums is a marvelous place for the growth of bacteria. To ensure this doesn't become a source of bad breath, here are some tips. Remove your dentures after each meal and brush them both inside and out. Remove the denture adhesive and replace it with a new one. The area of tissue that your denture rests on should be washed with a washcloth or gently brushed.

Brushing your dentures isn't enough to kill the bacteria that adhere to them. You should chemically clean your dentures with an overnight soak each night. This has been shown to kill nearly all of the bacteria sitting on your dentures.

In addition, quick 5 - 10 minute soaks during the day can also help. It won't kill all of the bacteria, but it will kill enough to help keep your breath fresh.

Please contact our office today if you have any questions about your dentures.

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