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Should You Opt for a Filling or a Crown?

Posted on 5/17/2017 by Dr. Michael Drone
A woman receiving a dental filling.
If you have a large cavity, how should it be taken care of? Some people think that you should consider a larger filling, and to just have that filling exposed while you chew. Others say a crown is the better option, as it holds your tooth together better than a filling would.

The choice is ultimately up to you and your prosthodontist, but there are benefits to both sides. Consider these before making a choice.

Benefits of Going with a Filling

A filling is simple. It involves the dentist going in, removing the decay, then filling the area back in with whatever type of filling material the dentist thinks will work best.

As soon as the filling is in place, you can go back to your normal life with the rest of your tooth intact. However, this leaves a lot of the filling exposed, and could make it fall out easier than if you had a crown.

Benefits of Opting for a Crown

A crown is more complicated. Not all dentists or prosthodontists can make a crown in their office, so you may have to come back a time or two to finish the procedure. They need to trim down your tooth to put the cap, or crown, over your tooth.

This is what protects the filling material used where the cavity once was. However, this trimming means that if you ever lose your crown, you have no other option but to get another crown put on in its place.

Contact our office today, and ask us which we would prefer. We may have a specific preference based on your situation that makes the perks of the other a moot point. Speak with us about which makes more sense and why, and then work with us to create the perfect treatment plan for your needs.

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